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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  October 24, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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counties. low to mid-50s now. after we get in the next few hours with that sunshine coming rough, the high clouds will warm up to mid-70s. right now a chill in the air out in the mountains. still just in the 40s there. these high clouds coming in out of a southwesterly flow will be with us from time time with with a light breeze out of the southwest. highs reaching mid-70s by midafternoon. change is on the way as we start off the coming week. details on that in just a couple of minutes. >> all right. looking forward to it. thank you, tom. investigators are looking into the cause of apartment fire that killed one person in suitland, maryland. this enormous fire broke out at the carriage hill apartments building on curtis drive early people had to be rescued from their balconies. 100 firefighters worked to put out the blaze which engulfed all three floors of the buiing. about two dozen families have been displaced by the fire. e red cross is helping to find temporary shelter r them.
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also today, federal fire investigators are expected in alexandria to look at what sparked a devastating fire at a historic chapel. flames engulfed the 129-year-old emanuel chapel on the campus of the virginia theological seminary friday afrnoon. crews spent saturday working to stabilize the charred frame. no one was hurt in the fire, but the loss of the landmark is felt deeply by the people who worked, studied and worshipped there over the decades. >> it breaks my heart. it broke my heart. just the parish itself and all the students that have been through these doors and have worshipped here and the maiages, the baptisms, the entire community has just suffered a loss that, you know, will, i guess, bring us all closer together. >> in the meantime the atf is taking part in the investigation. that is normal procedure for a fire in a place of worship. the fire is not considered
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suspicious. more than one dozen cats had to be removed from a virginia home because of mplaints from neigors. this happened saturday afternoon along the 14,000 bck of froma fromacian urt in centreville. they took 18 cats from the home. all of the cats were in good condition. neighbors, though, had been complaining of a strong urine smell coming from the townhouse. no word if any charges will be filed against e owner. we're told health officials will chk out the house tomorrow. in other news, three people including two georgetown students are under arrest after police find a drug lab in a freshman dorm room. as darcy spencer reports, students were shocked to hear this happened right next door. >> reporter: three people, two of them georgetown university students, one of them a guest, are facing charges after a drug lab was discovered in a freshman dorm around 6:30 saturday morning. authorities say they were making a synthetic drug called dmt. >> it was shocking. i had no idethat people were
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even capable of manufacturing stuff like that in the dorm ro, certainly not indicative of the culture of georgetown at all. >> reporter: authorities were called here after students complained of a strange odor inside harbin hall. they found chemica used to make aallucinogenic known as dm the dorm was evacuated. students had to remain out of thbuilding for some 12 hours as the sceneas processed and rendered safe. >> what you have here are various chemicals and mix of chemicals and then you heat them up if not properly ventilated, it could be a problem not only for inhalation but explosion. >> reporter: experts say dmt is found naturally but can also be made some say using dangerous chemicals. >> with dmt we do know it is a dangerous hallucinogen. messes up your motor skills. you can have memory loss. you fry your brain. i mean -- and you can die. you can die. >> reporter: many students at
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this prestigious private school were shocked that a lab used for making drugs would be found right here on campus. >> the most interesting part about all of this is the fact they could bring aot of dangerous people on the campus. who knows who will be coming on camp to deal with them or whatever they do. so, yeah, this is a big security issue. >> reporter: those who have been arrested in connection with this investigation are facing charges of possession of drug paraphernalia. their names have not yet been released. darcy spencer, news 4 today. happening today gourmet shopping is coming to prince george's county. a brand-new wegmann's is opening at glenn arden and it has the community very excited. derrick ward joins us live now from the grand opening this morning with more. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning, kimberly. well, take a look around. u can see this is a very busy parking lot this morning and that's a good thing.
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it's not often that the opening of a grocery store generates this much attention as this wegmann's store has. it's not off it's warranted but this represents a change. we want to show you some pictures we shot earlier inside the store. you can see the aisles peectly laid out and a lot easier to move around during the time we shot that. today you wouldn't be so lucky. it's crowded. they have a lot of people here. people have made second trips and the parking lot is full. joining me now is prince george's county executive jack johnson and this store represents not so much a retail move but also something significant for this part of prince george's county, doesn't it? >> it's really a paradigm shift for us. it's huge. it's bigger than winning the race for the super bowl. wegmann's is one of a kind. it's an experience. it's far more than a grocery store. it's the epitome of coming to -- it's just the epitome of first
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class, and it really personifies for us that we have arrived in terms of our shopping experience, that we can attracted the very, very best and they are. i came here at 6:15. the line wa long as you could ever imagine. i went around and i shook every hand. everyone was excited. they were screaming. i thought i was at the redskins game. and we just beat the dallas cowboys. so we're really excited about this. it's just a big paradigm shift for u it tells the entire metropolitan area that we are one of the places that is really important in what we do and we have arrived. >> reporter: indeed. you tell me at wegnn's they do some homework and research before they locate in a particular place. >> yeah, we do our home bourque. we do a lot of research. we survey people who live in the
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area. we only build two or three stores every year so we can be very picky, very selective. we must be very selective about the sites we choose. and when we choose a site, wre convinced that it's one that will be a success. >> reporter: and county ex second tiff johnson, you were telling me there was some maneuvering to determine what is store would be called, where it would be located, like glenn ard ep. >> well, it's in glenn arden. this land was vacant land and they annexed it and the people worked very, very hard with us and walt petree, the developer, to get this land here -- the site here, rather. i met the wegmann family quite some time ago and, you know, i was so excited they were interested in prince george's county. when i met them, i met mr. weann. he passed awa after a year.
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i met the other family members. they are absolutely good people. they are committed to excelle e excellence. they are committed to the young people. they hire so many people. we have hired 650 people. >> reporter: and that's real will ly a big part of it. the 650 people who staff the store. perhaps a new day for glennard as well. we're back live. >> a real feather in the cap. thank you for that. >> reporter: indeed. 9:08 right now. up next an international swimming race takes a tragic turn as a world class american swimmer and uva graduate suddenly dies. and new concerns about the gulf oil disaer. more on
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in other words it's been there for a while. more than 170 million gallons leaked into the gulf after the deep water horizon oil rig exploded back in april. tragedy in the sports world as a world channmpion american swimmer and uva standout died during a rac this is video of fran crippen competing in the charlotte ultra swim back in 2003. crippen was competing in the 10-k world cup in the united arab emirates yesterday but he never finished the race. race officials later found him in the water and wushd him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. he was just 26 years old. it's still unclear what caused cripn's deh. but reports are the water temperature was 86 degrees and crippen had also told his coach before the race he wasn't feeling well but he raced anyway. it's 9:12 right now and 58 degrees utside.
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a lovely fall day ahead it sounds like. >> chuck is on vacation. i'm filling in this morning. i'm tom kierein at this hour. we do have some brush stroke high clouds passing over the t metro area. we'll have that with us from time to time throughout the day and warming up, too. de [ male announcer ] need better way to save r the things you want?
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for the skins and bears, that game is at 1:00. they could have some rain during that game. here, though, we have just some high clouds drifting over the region on this sunday morning and as we look at the live view from our sky watcher cara, you can see e foliage there in the foreground in northwest washington showingome nice colors, some individual trees have now peak color in northwest washington. there is that little valley dip there. that's where the pomac river goes through and across the river we can see arlington and someice colors beginning to show up in the trees there. right now at national airpor it's 58 degrees and we have a uth-southwesterly breeze that's bringing in milder air th will be with us here today and actual ly through much of te coming week. right now temperatures are still generally in the 50s. upper 50s in washington and mid-50s in prince george's county and in arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties and upper 50s to near 60s southern maryland, tide water region and on the eastern shore.
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further to our west a few isolated areas in the shenandoah valley have hit the low 60s and mid-50s there and it's going to be warming into the 70s there by later this afternoon as well. out of the mountains, though, cooler weather for today. off to aooler start this morning in the 40s there and still in western maryland and vf vf. many of those locations have excellent color right now. we have the high clouds drifting over us. a few showers the ohio valley. those will pass north and wst today. but peak color now in the mountains in western maryland and west virginia and much of pennsylvania. however, it's rather mute this had year because of the dryness we've had. and up in northern new england it's past peak color. a lot of leaves have come down there. peak color in northern new england down to near washington just to our west. it's near peak color just about 30 mileso our west. and over the last 12 hours this rain activity headinin the upper midwest coulaffect the game later today. here we'll be on the southwesterly flow going to the next 48 hours future cast shows we stay y here today and into monday morning. but during the afternoon we see
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this area colors. might have thunder. a brief respite but another area in the midwest. this is a front that will be sweeping through midweek giving us more rain. for this sunday afternoosome high clouds ming through. highs reaching the mid-70s. great for outdoor recreation and fun. teeratures tomorrow, though, maybe cooler with the increase in clouds that we'll have tonight and blocking that just past full moon and by dawn down into the mid-50s. sunset at 6:17. and sun rises tomorrow at 7:28. monday mostly cloudy. afternoon highs low 70s. might get a passing shower in the afrnoon. showers are more likely monday night it looks like right now and maybe even some thunr. and then on tuesday partly sunny. morning lows near 60. aft afternoon highs mid-70s. into the 70s and near 80 on wednesday with a chance of showers late in the day thursday we dry out. we start off the halloween weekend, morning lows in the 40s. afternoon highs near 60.
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>> it's always a shame to put a big old coat over the halloween costum >> a little brief, summerlike weather coming back are for the week. >> we'll enjoy it while we can. thank you, tom. so there are plenty of halloween treats in this week's "kids post." here's eun yang with a preview. >> reporter: youbiggest fears by name, toys and game and a dessert, a pie that belongs in the dessert hall of fame. joining us once again is tracy grant from "washington post" kids post. good to see you as always. >> always great to be he. >> reporter: i can't wait to get to the dessert. a fascinating exhibit up in baltimore. >> if you or your kids know the i spy books those are created by an amazing artist named walter wick and there is a terrific exhibit of his works, his actual models that he creas. kids can look at the models. one is actually based on a room so kids can look at the model and then go visit.
9:20 am
the exhibit is up through the end of the year and it's free for kids. >> very cool. and in honor of halloween, supposed to be the scariest day of the year, a oser look at what creeps people out. >> we're very excited about hallown, of course, so we look at phobias including one that everybody knows, the fear of spiders. but we also look at some less comm common. the fear of body odor. we all have that, right? we have a fun look i monday's kids post at some of those lesser known fears that you might have. >> i have a fear of rodents. >> i share that one. >> and now a pumpkin pie lover's dream come true. this is a perfect time for pumpkin pie, too. >> well, in wednesd's kids post we look at halloween themed guinness book of world records including the world's largest pumpkin pie.
9:21 am
thisie measus 21 feet across and so the real question is, how do you get the whipped cream all the way around. >> and how many forks can i eat with? tracy gran thanks so much as always. for fun family activities visit or that is kids post this eke. i'm eun yang. well, it's been a pretty good weekendf you're a fan of local sports teams and you're t chuck bell and your favorite team got crushed by the missouri tigers. hakem dermish has highghts from a busy day of hockey and college football. good morning, everyone. we're talking hockey. the capitals hosting the atlanta thrashers last night in a rematch of the season opener. different day, different result. this time the caps rally back to beat the thrashers in overtime. here's how it went down. and it's hockey fights cancer night. the caps honoring 30 fans who have been affected by cancer. third period tied at 2-2. the caps get the puck. matthew perault with it, passes to semin.
9:22 am
he goes backhand. his third goal of the nit and that's a hat trick, kids. capitals take a 3-2 lead. less than 40 seconds to play, still 3-2, caps. thrashers have the puck. check it out here. it's thrown towards the net. deflected up in the air and batted out of dair. that's the equalizer. oh, man. game tied at 3-3. we go to overtime. so we ve some bonus hockey in ot, caps on the offensive. fehr top of your screen here. shoots on net. it's blocked but the rebound o to number 14, tomas fleischman. game-winner. the caps win in ot. up next the road game against carolina on wednesday. college football now. on thursday night former dematha standout pete desouza s hit by a car while driving his motor scooter on campus. the 6'6", 310-pound desouza broke both of his legs.
9:23 am
he's out for the season but is expected to make a full recovery. yesterday against boston college the terps' theme was win it for pete, and they did. maryland's emotional victory ended ten-game road losing streak. maryland's last road win was back in 2008. the first quarter, danny o'brien and the terps in the red zone. quick drop. throws it up for torre smith. he's a tall fellow. thank you very much. touchdown, maryland. terps in front, 7-0. second quarter, after an antoine perez interception, o'brie this is textbook, under pressure gets rid of it. to boykins. that's another touchdown. o'brien finished with three of them. zero interceptions. maryland hangs on to win 24-21 ending a ten-game road losing streak. the terps will deliver the game ball to pete desouza in the hospital. the terps are 5-2. we're in blacksburg. frank beamer and the number 25 hokies riding a five-game win streak taking on the duke blue devils. first quarter, no score. hokies driving. tyrod taylor to andre smith, 14-yd touchdown.
9:24 am
they made that look easy, huh? hokies on top 7-0. and it was the beginning of another big day for tyrod taylor. third quarte taylor drops back and then, check him out here, scrambles. motions to his receiver. says, hey, i'm throwing it to you. roberts says i'm going to catch it. hauls it in. nifty 43-yard score. taylor threw for 280 yards and three tds. virginia tech downs duke 44-7. hokies, wow, have won six in a row. virginia hosting eastern michigan. it's the first time in the history the two teams competing against one another have both african-american head coaches and athletic directors. pretty cool. check out the block. boom. dontrelle inman, big block. 21 yards for the touchdown. up 14-0. it was a track meet. four quarter, uva leads by ten. coach mike london feeling risky.
9:25 am
ning up to punt. psych. jimmy howell passes to trey womack and, well, he does the rest. races 56 yards for the touchdown. virginia rolls8-21. to the new meadowlands stadium navy taking on notre dame. first quarter,icky dobbs bac to pass. check out alexander teach. pretty cool. one-handed snag and the big guy rumbles his way in for a 31-yard touchdn. teach also rushed for 210 yards. yes, that's impressive. third quarter, navy in control. ricky dobbs keeps it himself and weaves h way in for the score. dobbs finished with four touchdowns, three rushing, one passing. navy wins it 35-17. the midshipmen have won three of the last four against notr dame. d.c. united said farewell to a legend last night. jaime moreno playing his last game with the black and red
9:26 am
after 14 seasons in washington. moreno leaves an indelible mark on t d.c. soccer community impacting others off the field through his charity. on the field moreno one of the best. 133 career goals are most in mls history. last night the season finaleor d.c. united and the end of a career for jaime moreno. fans showing their appreciation. moreno helped united win fr championships. 37th minute, tied at one, a penalty from de guzman. that's a penalty. moreno, ll, he doesn't miss pks, he's money. and right here, he scos. his 133rd goal of his career, the most in mls history. the fans were loving that. d.c. united leads 2-1. 65th minute, tied at 2-2. toronto on the attack, jacob peters, the perfect pass who beats troy perkins. his second goal of the game. puts toronto fc up 3-2. 81st minute. moreno taken out for theinal time marking the end of a phenomenal career. d.c. united falls 3-2 in their season finale.
9:27 am
that's your morning sports. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. it's 9:26 right now. still to come this hour, a drug bust in a georgetown university dorm. the dangerous concoction police say students were making. and a dely apartment fire in prince george's county. why firefighters say putting out these flames was especially difficult. [ ehrlich ] four years ago unemployment in maryland was under four percent. today, it's nearlyouble. and nearly a quarter of a million marylanders are looking for work. in addition, we face a national health care plan that will hurt small business and st us jobs. so we have to ask, are you better off today than you were four years ago? we're heading in the wrong direction.
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good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm kimberly suiters. it's sunday, october 24th, 2010. aaron gilchrist is working the eving shift tonight. the news is just ahead, but first, a quick check on our forecast with meteologist tom kierein in for the vacationing chuck bell. good to see you again, tom. >> thank you, good morning. and a wonderful sunday morning under way and the army ten-miler is under way as well. there's a live picture from our city camera. you can see them coming across the bridge, just a portion of the 30,000 runners that are participating in this race and this is a very, very popular race. it's amazing how many runners we have in our area and weather is very important when you're doing a race like this >> perfect weather. >> it's just perfect for this. it's in the 50s. not much wind. we have a little bit of sunshine. th's a live picture from our sky watcher camera.
9:31 am
you can see the runners there going across the bridge and it is just a wonderful, wonderful morning for the run and for our otherecreational outdoor activities as well and temperature around the region are generally in the 50s. a few isolated spots have gotten up to around 60 near the bay, northern shenaoah valley. out of the mountains it's cooler in the 40s at this hour and we'll see it warmingp, though, into the 70s much of the region except in the mountains. it will be a cooler day today. we'll have some clouds coming in and out from time to time. afternoon highs reaching the mid-70s and then cooler as we get back t work and scho on monday. mostly cloudy. a passing shower possible in the afternoon but likely showers and maybe thunder monday night and then dry for tuesday. could get some more showers on wednesday. a look at the end of theeek and weekend in a few minutes. stay tuned. >> thank you, tom. three people including two georgetown university students are under arrest after police discovered a drug lab in a freshman dorm.
9:32 am
police were called to harbin hall early saturday morning after students complained of a strange odor in the dorm they found chemicals used to make a synthetic hallucinogenic drug called dmt. the entire building had to be evacuated for 12 hours while police processed the scene. students say the discovery is not something they would expect at a prestigious priva school. >> they could bring a lot of dangerous people on campus. >> i had no idea that people were even capable of manufacturing stf like that in the rm rooms. certainly not indicative of the culture of georgetown at all. >> the dea says dmt affects motor skills, memory loss. it can be explosive and it can be deadly. investigators are still looking for the causef a deadly apartment fire in suitland,
9:33 am
maryland. we showed you this fire yesterday. it was enormous at the carriage hill apartments building on curtis drive. several people had to be rescued from their balconies. 100 firefighters worked to put out this blaze. it engulfed all three floors of the building. about two dozen families were displaced by the fire. firefighters not only had this massive fire to contend with but also low water pressure. it was so bad they had to get water from more than a mile away to fight the fire. >> certainly we would liked to have had more water pressure initially. it was enough to keep things in check and then once we got the ter supply from branch avenue we certainly had enough to extinguish it. they made an attempt at an interior search but there was too much fire. very heavy fire conditions. they were driven back. >> about two dozen famils were displaced from the massive fire. the red cross is helping all of them out to find temporary housing. this morning we're following a sturbing story out of howard county. a woman there is in the hospital after police say another man set her on fire. they say it happened in a wooded
9:34 am
area near gorman road in laurel yesterday afternoon. the vict was rushed to the hospital with severe burns. her condition is not known at this time. a suspect is in custody. police believe he and the victim may be homeless and were living in the woods. nine years after chand levy was killed her alleged killer will go to trial. tomorrow ingmar guandique will begin his trial a he faces murder charges. both sides will present their opening statements. guandique is accused of murdering the former senate intern in rock creek park in 2001. today new grocery store is opening up in prince george's county but it's much more than just a pla to buy your bread and milk. the new wegmann's is part of an effort to spark growth and development in the county. derrick ward joins us live now from the grand opening with more. an exciting morning for folks in prince george'county, derrick. >> reporter: irn deed it is, kimberly. talk about growth and delopment, you see that here
9:35 am
in the parking lot. they're running low on carts. there are carts here but folks are waiting for someone who is leaving and getting their cart just like with parking spaces. a big day for prince george's county attracting a certain level of retail that herofore has seemed to avoid the county. that all seems to have changed this week with the openg of this wegmann's store he. i want to show you some footage from inside the store. crowds are there. peop have been here since 6:00. some people making trips, more than one trip. wegmann's only opens a limited number of stores every year. we're told maybe about two. all of their regions in the country. it is kind of special that they would choose the area of glenn arden to open this area that has heretofore been underserved. it is a boost to the county as we hr from jack johnson. >> it's the epitome of first class and it really personifies for us that we have arrived in
9:36 am
terms of our shopping experience, that we can attract the very, very best. we only build two or three stores every year so we can be very picky, very selective. we must be very selective about the sis we choose and when we choose a site, we're convinced that it's one that will be a success. >> reporter: now the opening of the store means 600 new jobs for the area in prince george's county. 650 people staffing the store. 600 of them are new hires that were made locally since the store began. and in furthering the whole economic boom angle there's a costco that will open on tuesday so this will definitely be a location now, a destination for folks in this part of prince george's county. we're live in glenn arden. >> 600 new employees kind of surprises me for a grocery store, derrick. >> reporter: it does but this is the kind of store you have chefs, pple who do food
9:37 am
preparation. there is a sushi bar and a lot of other reasons to have these stores staffed the way they are. i've seen folks helping people out with their shopping carts, helping them put their groceries into the car so that requires maower, woman power and always is good for the economy. >> we saw the smile on jack johnson's face in the last half hour. thank you, derrick. it's 9:37 right now. still to come one of the world's most famous singers adds to her family. details of the newest. and the sky is the limit for this week's "wednesday's child." we'll introduce you to the accomplished artist who needs a new loving home. synctaxes 60 percent. property
9:38 am
n 2 sync: let utilitercent. woman 1 syi didn't owatrnor man 3: he worked for ak 10 billn doanothebahamillion.sed.axers 17 h big s don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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singer celine dion has o new additions to her family. the 42-year-old gave birth to tw boys at st. mary's medical center in florida on saturday delivered by c-second shun one minute apart. the baby boys are healthy but will remain under observation for the next few days because they did arrive prematurely. dion was admitted the hospital last sunday on her doctor's advice. she and her husband have another son who is 9 years old. this morning we want to introduce you to a young ly we have had the pleasure of meeting
9:41 am
before. she is a terrific girl with some challenges and since she is still waiting and hoping for a forever family, we thought we'd give you a chance to get to know her better. barbara harrison tes us to meet jennisfer. >> reporter: hi, jennisfer. >> hi. >> reporter: do you remember me? >>barbara. >> reporter: that's right. it's so great to see you again. it's been a while. >> yes. >> reporter: we're going to a special place today. it's the school for arts in learning. the school, also known as washington very special arts, is a perfect place for kids and adults are challenges to explore their creativity. two years ago when we firstet jennisfer we took her for her first visit to the circus where we got a little creative with the own costumes. good to see you. i want you to meet jennisfer. >> very good to meet you. welcome to vsa. >> reporter: the school ceo showed off artwork ofther students here.
9:42 am
some pictures even became greeting cards. >> so each these cards has a different theme. >> reporter: jennisf was interested in painting a horse. >> jennisfer, this is jude. he will work with you today. >> generals fer h been in care since 2005 and she came in care due to abuse and neglect. >> reporter: art teacher shows jennisfer how to draw a horse beginning with circles and triangles and connecting them. >> now can you get that tail on the horse? >> reporter: despite some limitations from cebral palsy, jennisfer loves lrning and has recently learned to ride. and you like to ride a horse? >> yes. >> reporter: tell me about the horse that you ride. >> i ride patches. >> reporter: patches? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's hoped that a family will come forward to adopt jennisfer a make her part of their lives. >> it's very important for jennisfer to have an alt figure or somebody to connect with for the rest of her life. jennisfer is a wonderful you lady with a very good sense of humor.
9:43 am
>> reporter: jennisfer was given a bag filled with art supplies to take home. but most exciting was news that her wonderful painting called patches signed by jennisfer would hang here in the school at their next art show. that news deserves a big smile. the best news, though, would be that a family might one day be there to share in her accomplishments. barbara harrison, news 4, for "wednesday's child." if you have room in your home and your heart for jennisfer, please call our special adoption hotline. that number is 1-888-2-apt-me or logon to beautiful smile on that young lady. 63 degrees outside. should put a smile on everyone's face out there today. >> i you have outdoor plans, looks like a wonderfu sunday under way and they're loving it. the army ten-miler is under way, too. there is citol hill under a partly cloudy sky on this sunday morning. i'm tom kierein and the forecast
9:44 am
coming up. ♪ new look. new style. new sears. come see our brand new side.
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it's 9:46. meteorologist tom kierein has your great looking sunday forecast. >> and it's been a beautiful morning. they got the army ten-miler under way at 8:00 this morning. we had dry weather and there the runners are still coming across the potomac river and just a few of the 30,000 that are runnin the her big race we have here
9:47 am
is the marine corps mayrath. this sold out in 35 hours from the time they announced the registration and filled it 30,000 people. it was almost 1,000 an hour to fill it out and it's amazing the number of runners that we have here to ive in this area just to get out d get some exercise. a beautiful day for that. good for the mind and the body and the soul. and look at them coming across the bridge and the sunshine on this sunday morning and the youth run at 11:00 this morning. well, there's the view of our foliage in northwest washington. you can see this live picture from our sky watcher camera looking down upon american university park and you can see some of the individual trees there are showing some nice color. right now 58 at national airport and the wind is gentle out of the south-southwest. runners are loving that, too. and right now radar. no precipitati arounthe region and we have temperatures that are beginning to climb a little bit but right now still in the 50s and look at the
9:48 am
color. we've had some nice color showing up in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. now peak color there. it is muted because of the dryness we've had and the droughthat we've had earlier in the fall. and it's past peak in nohern new england but peak colors across much of pennsylvania now all the way down to southwestern virginia. temperatures are in the 50s and it will begin to climb into the mid-70s by midafternoon even with the high clouds ming in. it's cooler in the mountains in the 40s ere and they may hit the low 60s for highs later on. eastern shore mere 60 degrees and over the last 12 hours this southwesterly flow aloft and at the surface bringing in the warmth as well as bringing in a few clouds, a few sprinkles in southwestern pennsylvania will stay to our north today. the wir view showing a storm system affecting the midwest. this could affect the game in chicago today. they may have some rain for the skins and bears. that game is at 1:00 whereas here east we will stay dry. going forward the future cast, though, showing some rain developing in the midwest will
9:49 am
begin to move our way by monday afternoon. this area of color is the zone of potential precipitation, may be raining by late afternoon and overnight monday night a greater chance with some thunder and then on tuesday another front coming our way from the midwest on wednesday should give us a chance for some more rain. for this sunday enjoy. we'll have our temperatures this afternoon peaking in the mid-70s under a partly cloudy sky and a light breeze out of the south-southwest. and then overnight tonight we'll have that just past full moon up and by midnight down near 60 and by dawn the mid-50s starting off monday back to work and school tomorrow. we'll see a lot of cloudiness around. dry for the morning commute. by late afternoon some showers are possible and then the likely passing showers, maybe some thunr monday evening. then on tuesday, partly sunny. highs mid-70s and remaining mild with a chancof a passing shower. still mild thursday but some much cooler air moving in end of the week and into the halloween weekend. morning lows 40s. afternoon highs near 60.
9:50 am
joy this wondeul sunday. >> we will. thank you, tom. it's 9:49 right now. up next charitable donations may be down during this rough economy but 'll introduce you to some every day people who
9:51 am
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the midterm elections are a week and a half away and it's all that political washington can talk about. let's see what's copping coming up next on the chris matthews show. good morning, washington. at 10:00 on "the chris matthews show" barack obama's trying to rouse democratsut some say it's too late. if he'd responded to the outcry
9:54 am
over big spending, could he have kept middle class voters on his side? could he have used the same persuasive powers that got him elected to keep americans with him the last two years? pl, saefrp's threatening gop leaders already. she says if they don't get with the tea party program they may face a third party challenge for 2012. join me and dan rather, katty kay, andrew sullivan and cynthia tucker for a great roundtable. now for a look at "meet the press," here is david gregory. dav david? thanks, chris. good morning, kimberly. coming up the final countdown with only nine days left. how will the republican parties embrace of the tea party movement play out on november 2nd and beyond? with us exclusively this morning the man at the center of it all, the leader of the republican pay, chairman michael steele. plus, our roundtable will break down the biggest races across the country. joining me david brooks, e.j. deion, harold ford jr., rachel maddow and rick santelli all this morning on "meet the
9:55 am
press." >> thank you, david. a new report shows donations for america's biggest charities have dropped mostly bugs because of the struggling economy yet even in these times people still find a way to give. nbc's ron allen has more now from new york. >> reporter: at the ound zero visitor's center who in the crowd put $10,000 cash in the collection box? and left without a trace? a donation to the new $300 million 9/11 memorial set to open next year. >> i'd love to say thank you to the personand it's just a shot in the arm to everybody who is working on this project. >> reporter: it's a g boost because fund-raising has been tough these days because of the economy. charities across the country report receiving less while people need more. fortunately there are people trying to help. stephanie tillman know lot about receiving and giving. they now own a graphics design business in kansas city but it was just a few years ago when they had hit hard times and had
9:56 am
to move to a salvation army homeless shelter. >> it was the realization that, oh, my god, a week ago we got married and this is how we're getting ready to startur new life. >> it was very embarrassing, humiliating and made us feel low. >> reporter: they got their life back on track and never forgot the people who helped. they pledged to ve $25,000 to the salvation army over the next five years. >> when they pick you up at your most broken place, i think it will forever be loyal to them as an agency. >> it is all about marvelous me. >> reporter: that urge to give as he was about to celebrate his fifth birthday. no gifts for him at the party, magnus told his friends. >> i told my friends to make a small donation to the ronald mcdonald house. >> reporter: several acts of kindness during tough times, one anonymous,ne from a grateful
9:57 am
family and one from a small boy whose gift, they said, seemed as big as any other. ron allen, nbc news, new york. aaron gilchrist will be here reporting tonight. craig melvin has been up in new yorkith the "today" show but he is coming back to washington so we're only missing him for this weekend. that's it for news 4 today. thanks for joining us. wake up with us tomorrow morning. tom, you'll be here bright and ear early. >> 4:30. >> okay, until then, have a great day. because of one word, imagination and reality have merged. because of one word, a new generation-- a fifth generation-- of fighter aircraft has been born. because oone word,
9:58 am
america's air dominance for the next forty years is assured. that one word... is how.
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